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The Names of Fonts Available on iPhone OS

Interface Builder is great. It’s an Apple-y app the lets you build your own Apple-y apps. It’s all so much Apple-y goodness. Well, maybe even too much goodness. Say you want to change the font family for your UILabel. Maybe you like the Helvetica. Or maybe you like the Arial.  So off you go to the Attributes Inspector and dutifully click on the Font attribute.  POP!  The familiar ol’ standard OS X font selection dialog window springs up in front of you…with all your workstation’s installed and active fonts.  Here’s the catch: the vast majority of those fonts will not be available on your iPhone or iPod Touch application. What a downer. But we can at least sort this out easily enough.

For the impatient among us, I’ll just list out the fonts available as of iPhone OS version 3.1.3 below. If you would rather learn how to fish, as it were, then here’s a quick method of determining the available font names yourself:

NSArray *fontFamilyNames = [UIFont familyNames];

for (NSString *familyName in fontFamilyNames)
	NSArray *fontNames = [UIFont fontNamesForFamilyName:familyName];
	for (NSString *name in fontNames)
		// Do your font-y stuff here.
		NSLog("%@", name);

Nice, eh?

Now, as promised, the font names available on the iPhone OS on version 3.1.3, organized by family:

  • AppleGothic
    • AppleGothic
  • Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN
    • HiraKakuProN-W6
    • HiraKakuProN-W3
  • Arial Unicode MS
    • ArialUnicodeMS
  • Heiti K
    • STHeitiK-Medium
    • STHeitiK-Light
  • DB LCD Temp
    • DBLCDTempBlack
  • Helvetica
    • Helvetica-Oblique
    • Helvetica-BoldOblique
    • Helvetica
    • Helvetica-Bold
  • Marker Felt
    • MarkerFelt-Thin
  • Times New Roman
    • TimesNewRomanPSMT
    • TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT
    • TimesNewRomanPS-BoldItalicMT
    • TimesNewRomanPS-ItalicMT
  • Verdana
    • Verdana-Bold
    • Verdana-BoldItalic
    • Verdana
    • Verdana-Italic
  • Georgia
    • Georgia-Bold
    • Georgia
    • Georgia-BoldItalic
    • Georgia-Italic
  • Arial Rounded MT Bold
    • ArialRoundedMTBold
  • Trebuchet MS
    • TrebuchetMS-Italic
    • TrebuchetMS
    • Trebuchet-BoldItalic
    • TrebuchetMS-Bold
  • Heiti TC
    • STHeitiTC-Light
    • STHeitiTC-Medium
  • Geeza Pro
    • GeezaPro-Bold
    • GeezaPro
  • Courier
    • Courier
    • Courier-BoldOblique
    • Courier-Oblique
    • Courier-Bold
  • Arial
    • ArialMT
    • Arial-BoldMT
    • Arial-BoldItalicMT
    • Arial-ItalicMT
  • Heiti J
    • STHeitiJ-Medium
    • STHeitiJ-Light
  • Arial Hebrew
    • ArialHebrew
    • ArialHebrew-Bold
  • Courier New
    • CourierNewPS-BoldMT
    • CourierNewPS-ItalicMT
    • CourierNewPS-BoldItalicMT
    • CourierNewPSMT
  • Zapfino
    • Zapfino
  • American Typewriter
    • AmericanTypewriter
    • AmericanTypewriter-Bold
  • Heiti SC
    • STHeitiSC-Medium
    • STHeitiSC-Light
  • Helvetica Neue
    • HelveticaNeue
    • HelveticaNeue-Bold
  • Thonburi
    • Thonburi-Bold
    • Thonburi

As you may have noted, several of the fonts are intended for non-Latin alphabets. They still include Latin glyphs, but they’re fairly bland sans-serif designs.

  1. 03/24/2010 at 6:19 PM

    Wonder if they’ll ever get Peabz Casual — can we make an enhancement request?

    Love the DD link…

  2. Zack
    03/24/2010 at 6:21 PM

    I bet they would. You just need to send in a Bug Report… and the font!

    And who doesn’t love Debbie Downer?

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