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DateTime.Parse Performance Data

02/22/2012 Leave a comment

The potential performance pitfalls of DateTime.Parse are well discussed. What I don’t see as often: actual performance test data.

So, I’m contributing my own test data to the discussion. Read more…

Extracting localization strings from Settings.bundle plists

07/01/2009 1 comment

If you are building child panes in your Settings.bundle, you’ll end up with several .plist files. When it comes time to localize your project, you find the creation of the corresponding .strings file a bit tedious (I know I do).

Here’s a handy list bash script which will (i) find tags, (ii) extract the contents of the following tag, and then (iii) output that value to a text file in the “string” = “string” format needed for ibtool.

Read more…