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Objective-C and C#: Brothers From Another Mother

05/24/2012 Leave a comment

My colleague Paul Irwin just posted an article called Translating Objective-C to C# – Part 1 of n. I think it’s an excellent synopsis. Having myself spent nearly a year and a half doing Objective-C programming part time before learning to C#, this is a topic that hits home for me. There are a couple of areas that warrant some additional clarification, as they are obscure for most Objective-C and .NET programmers alike.
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Towards Better Graph Loading Via Conditional Types

07/13/2011 Leave a comment

One of my pet peeves is the cruft we often add to our objects to support graph loading. For example, we might create a special “lazy loading” type wrapper (e.g. Lazy) or we might create two independent fields that represent, in effect, the same thing (e.g. Employee MyManager and Guid MyManager_ID). Neither is clean, and each has its issues. I want something better. Read more…

Dangerous .NET CLR Quirk Lurks In Unfiltered Generic Methods

03/02/2011 3 comments

Step right up! Step right up! Come inside and watch in horror as our sample C# code compiles, runs, and spectacularly fails right before your unbelieving eyes.

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