DateTime.Parse Performance Data

02/22/2012 Leave a comment

The potential performance pitfalls of DateTime.Parse are well discussed. What I don’t see as often: actual performance test data.

So, I’m contributing my own test data to the discussion. Read more…

Fight Corporate Censorship, Fight SOPA

01/18/2012 1 comment

Meet blaze: C# without cruft!

01/11/2012 Leave a comment

I’ve officially renamed SharpPad as ‘blaze’. Same scripting core host, but a new icon, new installer URL, and thanks to Brandon Berry, new features!

For a limited time, you can download install directly from
You can still get the source from (although I’ll be moving the repository soon).

NOTE: If you have already installed SharpPad, you’ll need to install blaze from the location above in order to received auto-updates.

In Defense of ‘var’

01/09/2012 Leave a comment

The var keywords has unfairly earned a bad reputation. I see a lot of a hating on var, and don’t hear many people sticking up for it. If you don’t like var, or know someone who does, then this post is for you.
Read more…

Forking Github Repos on Win32

09/07/2011 Leave a comment

I’ll be upfront: I’m a Mercurial guy. But sometimes I have no choice but to use git. That’s often a painful proposition on Win32, especially when using github. Github’s advice on forking a repository flat out does not work for me, so I follow this slightly modified process instead. Read more…